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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Some updates!

Turn Tables contest and some updates about our blog.

Hey guys, Rose here!
I'm making this post to answer a lot of questions we have been getting the past few days on the topic of articles, our new design or the Turn Tables contest. So as always i'll be here to bring you all up to date. Let's get started!

 First off-
We got a new look!
Kujo has been working on code for the past week and this is the result. He still has some little tweaks to fix here and there so it might just be some more weeks before he officially starts posting.

You may have noticed a lack of articles these last few days.
This is due to the fact that Decker has told us to focus all our attention to the contest. We already have a way for you to donate, so if you want to lend a hand and enter this contest head to Deckers instagram- @DeckerNyyee, where he has provided links for you to donate!

Now, the information you've all been waiting for...
The Turn Tables contest!
Yesterday, leader of our fanclub, MIMI  asked us to give her details on the contest so she could inform her readers about it. She made a wonderful article explaining how the donating process would go and what the winners would have to do to officially get to skype with our staff, I truly recommend you check it out here!
However here at Gaming Cast I was told to make a full post with all the details so nobody would miss out on donating to this cause. So without further a do, here's me explaining Turn Tables.

Q= What is the Turn Tables contest?

A= The T.T.C as I like to call it is a contest we make multiple times a year. The five lucky winners of this contest will get a chance to skype call us for a maximum of three hours each!

Q= Skype call who?

A= The members of the Gaming Cast staff of course. Decker, me, Kujo, Shadow and Panikos!

Q= How do I enter the contest?

A= To enter the contest you must go to Deckers instagram (@DeckerNyyee) and follow the links on his most recent post, there you will have to donate 20 USA Dollars, and you may just win a skype call.

Q= Can I enter the contest multiple times?

A= Yes of course, however, if you want to enter multiple times you'll have to pay the price of a regular entry (20 USA Dollars)

Q= Can I pick which member of the staff i'll get to speak with?

A= You may only get to pick who you'll be calling if you have been chosen as a winner. If you are a winner, Decker will be sending you an email, informing you that you are one of the lucky five to have won. He will provide a link so that you may donate 50 USA Dollars. If you decide to donate this amount, you will get to pick who you skype with!

Q= What happens if someone already picked who I want to skype call?

A= If this is the case, we will contact you again via email and ask you to make another choice, if you don't want to pick another choice we will give you back your money and randomly put another staff member to call you.

Q= What will happen if a winner doesn't respond to the email you'll send?

A= If a winner or more don't respond to the email sent to them within the span of a week, we'll have to pick another winner(s)

Q= If I enter the contest multiple times, and win multiple times, what happens then?

A= We've talked about the rare chance that this might happen but in case it does, we plan on giving the winner extra time with the call. Let's say this person won twice, he or she will be given extra hours to talk to our staff, if he or she accepts of course!

Q= Where will the money the we donate go to?

A= The money you donate will go to a charity called "In hands with the people". This charity helps people in poverty, low income or many kids.

Go donate now if you wish to. Remember, Deckers instagram has links where you can directly donate from any credit card.

That's all for now! If you want any more questions answered please comment down below. We hope to get back on schedule with articles after the contest is over.


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